Burns Philp Inc.
"...even the most seasoned building and construction professional would have to rate this as an excellent project."
Read more » Michael L. Siegmund, Burns Philp Inc.
International Family Entertainment
"IFE continues to have the utmost confidence in Cox Kliewer & Company and wholeheartly recommends their services."
Read more » Charles T. Martin, International Family Entertainment
Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
"...and the Cox Kliewer format became the layout for the Institute."
Read more » Ronald Hoffman, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
Sussex Development Corporation
"...we turned to the Cox, Kleiwer & Company Team with the knowledge that they could handle the entire project design, from concept study on day one to the final occupancy of the medical tenant base with ease, creating a modern timeless facility of which we are very proud. The project was very much a success and has received multiple design awards."
Read more » Harry L. Davis III, Sussex Development Corporation
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea
"...the buildings not only had to be attractive, but also had to accommodate the process for which it was designed, incorporate sanitary design aspects, be easily accessible and comfortable for the people, while being a good value investment for the Company. We achieved all of those objectives and Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. was a major contributor to that success."
Read more » Gary Wright, Sara Lee Coffee & Tea
Williams Residence
"...we were blown away by the beauty of the library architecture! Of course we love the house and its overall design, but occasionally we have a mutual epiphany and realize the brilliance of excellent design work."
Read more » Suzanne (& Ro) Williams, Williams Residence
Earl Gregg Swem Library
"...we have been giving many tours of our new library building and furnishings, often to other folks in the state who are planning new or renovated libraries. Designers and/or architects are usually among the groups and everyone has been VERY impressed with the furniture and how this place looks and feels. They sit in all the chairs and discuss eachone thoroughly, comparing the different feels and the fabrics. The librarians keep pointing out things they are now determined to have.
Read more » Kay Domine, Earl Gregg Swem Library
The Futura Group
"...From the incorporation of the land plan, to the building designs and floor plans and to the consultants employed by your firm, all work has exceeded our expectations and places your group in the upper stratosphere of architectural firms."
Read more » A.R. (Rick) Gregor, Jr., The Futura Group